Rental Cars in Orlando

Orlando rental cars - How to find the best deal

One of the first ways in which you can save money on Orlando rental cars is to choose the right car for your needs. It is no good choosing to rent a large gas guzzling car with a huge engine that holds five or six people if you are alone of there is just two of you. You will pay out more for rental for a large car than you would do for an economical one and of course it will cost more to fill up the tank.

When looking for Orlando rental cars you do not have to stick with the well known names in Orlando car rental. There are many smaller car rental Orlando companies to choose and these can be found online before you go on vacation. The smaller places that offer Orlando rental cars could save you a great deal of money simply because they want to compete with the larger and well known car rental companies.

You can save money on Orlando rental cars by choosing to book your car rental online when booking your vacation. Many times if you choose to book a package vacation which includes hotel, flight, tours and car rental you can save a lot of money.

If you want to book Orlando rental cars when you get to Orlando then avoid booking at the airport. Orlando rental cars that run from airports have to pay high costs to operate within the airport. While it might seem like the easiest option to take if you want to rent a car, it will cost you more money than taking a cab to the hotel and then booking Orlando rental cars off site. Many times the hotel will advertise Orlando car rentals and many of the Orlando rental cars firms will leave discount coupons in the lobby of the hotel which you can then use to save money on your car rental.

When picking up Orlando rental cars you should avoid the many add-ons that the salesperson will try to push onto you, these often include such as car insurance. Many times if you pay for Orlando rental cars with your credit card then the credit card would cover you for insurance so you would not need to take out extra.

The best place to start making savings and to get the best deals on Orlando rental cars is right from the comfort of your own home. If you go online and search using one of the popular search engines for Orlando rental cars you are able to compare the cost of different models of car and also take advantage of the many special deals that can be found online. Usually the deals that can be found online are not be found elsewhere and many of the companies will allow you to find the exact type of car which is affordable and allow you to book the dates there and then. All you have to do is to pay with your credit card and then pick the car up when you arrive.